Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (SEES) has been held 9 times in Europe since 2008.

Once a year, we organise for approximately 200chairpersons and senior executives of leading Chinese companies from select industries to visit Europe. We also lead smaller delegations to both Australia and China throughout the year.

The Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summit Qingdao Forum is a successful attempt for the organizer to bring European entrepreneurs back to China and create effective engagement with their counterparts in China. It also provides opportunities for European entrepreneurs to learn the complex Chinese market by landing in the real business atmosphere of China. 

During this one-day forum, the Qingdao forum has provided a series of programmes for our participants to share insights about finance, innovation, and the One Belt One Road initiative and learn more information about the market in Qingdao and development opportunities from speeches conducted by the Qingdao government and Qingdao State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.