Engage with Us

SIEF functions as a robust operating system for building personal relationships, delivering insights and strengthen organizational trust.

We seek to establish exclusive and long-term partnerships with leading companies from China and across the globe.

Tailor your engagement with SIEF based on your company strategy. You can engage with us by joining our partnerships or memberships, participating in our programs or establishing any initiatives with SIEF.

The deeper our engagement, the more access you will have to the organisational trust building and personal relationship development mechanisms of our platform.


As our partners, you will:

•   capture the attention of all SIEF participants and effectively convey your message by speaking during panel discussions

•   have peer-to-peer discussions with the most senior SIEF participants in summit roundtable meetings and salon meetings

•   be recognised as an important partner of SIEF. Your company information will be featured in the conference book and on the SIEF website

•   be displayed throughout SIEF marketing materials and on-site signage

•   be acknowledged during various plenary sessions by SIEF.

As our members, you will:

•   be assigned to a Relationship Manager, who will help you navigate and connect with SIEF’s global network

•   receive lists of the companies who attends SIEF’s Annual Summits, including SEES and SIES

•   receive passes to attend SIES 2019

For more information about privileges of SIEF’s partners and members, please check our handbook.


Our programmes are centred around the Annual Summits that we organise every year, including:

•   Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (United Kingdom and France)

•   Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit (Australia)

•   China-Africa Investment Forum (Morocco)

•   Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summit (China)

Leading companies and influential entrepreneurs from China and across the globe will join our summits and engage with each other through panel discussions, roundtable meetings, concurrent company visits, industry breakout and networking sessions.

Besides, SIEF will organize seasonal events focused on different industries for our partners and members to better deliver and exchange updated insights.

Other going programmes throughout the year are open to partners, members and general participants.


We help our constituents in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether that is making a curated introduction, coordinating a series of purposeful engagements or using our global network to spread a vision.