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The titles of the participants are those held at the time of their attendance. Listed alphabetically.

Andrew Sun
Partner, Deloitte Australia
Bao Yong
Dean of Health Management and Service Innovation Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Chen Ning
Deputy General Manager, Goldwind International; Vice President, Goldwind Australia; General Manager, Goldwind Capital Australia
Craig Blair
Found and Managing Director, Airtree Ventures
Damien Moston
Managing Director, Lagardère Sports Australia
Dan Zhiguo
Chairman, Wudeli Flour
David Hornery
Co-Founder and Co-Executive Officer, Judo Bank
David Koch
Executive Chairman, Pinstripe Media; Chairman, Port Adelaide Football Club
Evita Liu
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, New Hope Group International; Managing Director, New Hope Group Australia & New Zealand
Garth Hu
Executive Director and Head of Asia Practice, Morgan Stanley Australia
George Georgiou
Chief Executive Officer, Eureka International Group
Gillian Larkins
Chief Financial Officer, Australian Securities Exchange
Hon Andrew Robb AO
Former Australian Minister for Trade and Investment; Chairman, Robb Group; Advisory Council Member, SIEF
Hon Craig Emerson
Former Australian Minister for Trade and Competitiveness; Director of the Australian APEC Study Centre at RMIT; Advisory Council Member, SIEF
Hon John Howard OM AC
25th Prime Minister of Australia; Co-chairman, SIEF
Hon Lindsay Tanner
Former Australian Minister for Finance and Deregulation; Director, Suncorp Group; President, Essendon Football Club
Hon Warwick Smith AO
Chairman of the Australia-China Council and the National Fund for Australia-China Relations; Director, Seven Group Holdings and Estia Health; Advisory Council Member, SIEF
Håkan Eriksson
Chief Technology Officer, Telstra
Jack Huo
Executive Director and Chief Representative in Australia, SIEF
John Bartolotta
Chief Executive Officer, Royale Limousines
John Lord
Chairman, Huawei Australia
John Pickhaver
Co-Head, Macquarie Capital, Australia & New Zealand
Jon McNaught
Chief Executive Officer, Viplus Dairy
Justin McCarthy
Head of Investor Relations, Lendlease
Kevin Louey
Councillor of City of Melbourne
Kevin Yeung
Chairman, Bridge Capital
Michael Whitehead
Head of Agribusiness Insights, ANZ
Michael Zhang
Executive Director and Head of Asia, Axius Partners
Neil Luo
Head of Growth, Airwallex
Noel McNamara
Acting Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Bank Australia Limited
Patrick Hutchinson
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Meat Industry Council
Paul Brennan
Chief Executive Officer, PolyNovo
Paul Lederer
Chairman, Lederer Group; Chairman, Western Sydney Wanderers
Philip Le Liu
Councillor of City of Melbourne
Philippe Wolgen
Chief Executive Officer, Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals
Qiu Wenkui
Chairman, Zhongyi Holdings
Robert Poole
National Lead Partner of Agribusiness, KPMG Australia
Scott Hutchinson
Chairman, Hutchinson Builders
Stephanie Fahey
Chief Executive Officer, Austrade
Todd Barlow
Managing Director, Washington H. Soul Pattinson
Tom Millner
Director and Portfolio Manager, Contact Asset Management; Director, Washington H Soul Pattinson and New Hope Corporation
Tony Dong
Executive Director and China Coordinator, SIEF
Tony Jansz
Chairman, Clarence Professional Offices
Wang Hongbo
Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney
Wang Xining
Charge D’ affaires Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Commonwealth of Australia
Wayne Mo
Chief Executive Officer, AL Capital; Director, McGrath
Wilton Yao
Managing Director, Jatenergy
Yao Junliang
Chairman, Shanxi Meijin Energy
Zeng Jianhua
Acting Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne