How We Work

We create meaningful interactions. This is the basic building block of all SIEF activities.
At an operational level, we coordinate Dialogues, meetings, roundtables and workshops to help participants engage effectively with like-minded individuals and organisations.

How the Federation Works

SIEF builds and serves powerful communities bonded by common interests. By leveraging SIEF's integrated platform, its constituents gain unique support in realising their biggest goals.

An Integrated Platform

SIEF communities include the Governing Council, Industry Committees, Partners, Members and others. We can also cultivate smaller groups around special interests. Our communities act as a medium for deep engagement among our members and an alliance for mutual support.

Individuals and organisations can engage with SIEF in tailored ways, based on their objectives. The deeper the engagement, the more access they will have to the trust building and relationship development functionalities of our platform, including the Annual Summits, the Industry Committees and ongoing programmes.

How the Industry Committees Work

Our Industry Committees function as an on-going vehicle for SIEF constituents to drive initiatives and projects within their given sector. By building extraordinary relationships, we create aligned forces that can shape an industry in positive ways.

We connect a dynamic network of influential entrepreneurs, leading companies and key policy makers.

Transforming Discussion into Action

Industry Committees are close-knit communities comprised of the most relevant and influential business leaders committed to creating meaningful impacts in their respective industries.

Chairpersons and chief executives of region-leading companies are eligible to join their peers in our Industry Committees. They convene at our Annual Summits to meet face-to-face, share their visions and discuss project proposals. On an ongoing basis, they and the most senior executives from their companies meet physically and virtually to carry out Industry Committee activities.
Members of the Industry Committees work together to advance initiatives and deliver projects, typically to accomplish one of three goals:

• To pool their knowledge and gain insights on the forces currently transforming their industry
• To work together to build a consensus within business communities on significant matters
• To contribute to public policy discussions as a united and powerful voice


How the Annual Summits Work

Our Annual Summits provide an influential forum for business and political leaders to share their vision. We also offer a trusted space for our delegates to be matched with potential partners.

In practical terms, our Annual Summits bring together business and political leaders from China and other regions of the world for a series of practical dialogues and meaningful interactions.


Our Annual Summits are two-day programmes carefully designed to help delegates effectively engage with one another. We curate talks and meetings as a way for our delegates to build relationships and discover insights.

Within the two days, we also offer social functions and other informal opportunities for delegates to connect, including opening and closing receptions, networking lunches, a gala dinner and various private gatherings.

Prior to and after the two-day programmes, we also plan numerous other activities for our delegates to take part in. Examples include on-site visits to companies in the host cities and post-summit trips to other locations in the region.

DAY 01
Discover Practical Insights
A series of plenary sessions takes place over the course of the first day, in which extraordinary individuals share their knowledge and experiences with our delegates. In addition to these insightful speeches, our speakers also take part in interviews and panel discussions with other top leaders.

Our agendas are focused on addressing how today’s business leaders can better take advantage of important opportunities and face the current challenges in key Chinese and international industry sectors.

Throughout the day we also host invitation-only roundtable meetings, where participants can engage in in-depth dialogues relevant to their specific interests and industries.

DAY 02
Meet Potential Partners
On the second day of an Annual Summit, structured networking sessions are held for all delegates. Participants with common interests are brought together to meet in small groups and one-on-one.

In between these networking sessions, select business and political leaders, along with industry experts, will make presentations on how particular markets are transforming. They will also explore regulatory and technological landscapes in the region and discuss the practical implications for entrepreneurs and companies.

The primary aim of our Annual Summits is to build extraordinary partnerships, and throughout both days we arrange one-on-one meetings for our delegates as well as small roundtables that lead to meaningful connections between industry leaders.

Key Activities

A Delegate's Journey

01 Register
Individuals wishing to attend our Annual Summits should first apply to SIEF to become a delegate. Once an application is accepted, our Organising Committee will work with the new delegate to understand in more detail his or her organisation’s objectives in attending the Annual Summits.

02 Pre-Introductions
Based on a delegate’s goals, our Organising Committee will prepare an agenda that includes participation in the most relevant networking groups. Ahead of the Summits, we will also make introductions to like-minded delegates via email, so that one-on-one meetings can be arranged.

03 Attend
At our Annual Summits, delegates attend plenary sessions, meet with potential partners one-on-one, participate in structured networking sessions and attend social functions.

04 Follow-up
After our Annual Summits, we help the delegates to stay connected via email, virtual conferences and WeChat groups.